Bee Special

The Taste of Sunshine

Tamsin Harris has been a beekeeper since 1998 and currently has around 60 hives of bees within a 10 mile radius of Leedstown, near Hayle.  Most of the summertime is spent working with the bees with the aim of keeping the bees healthy and  creating a good honey crop.

Cornish Bee Hives Tamsin says ‘Over the years I have acquired extensive knowledge and experience in the craft of beekeeping. I love to share my passion and enjoyment of bees with people and one of the ways that I do this is through my business – Bee Special’.

A bee cluster‘I sell honey in various forms and numerous products of the hive such as beeswax candles, furniture polish, candle rolling kits, balms and salves’.

Sticky, fragrant honey is nature’s natural sweetener. Remarkably its taste reflects the flora of the area surrounding the hive. In Cornwall we are blessed with multi-floral honey, predominately wildflower, clover and bramble – quite exquisite.

To me it tastes evocatively of summer sunshine

Bee Special Honey by Post?

Honey by Post? Removing a bee swarm from a letterbox

Beeswax is an amazing, sustainable product with many uses. It burns for longer than a paraffin wax candle, its light, when burning, is closer to sunlight on the light spectrum, with a naturally sweet scent.

Beeswax is added to cosmetics as a natural nourishing moisturizer and can even be eaten as cut comb honey – scrumptious when spread on something warm!

Bee Special are at the Market weekly from the beginning of October until the beekeeping season starts in earnest in about mid April. After that I hopefully will be buzzing around at least every three weeks.

See you at the Friday Market!

2 thoughts on “Bee Special

  1. Dear Tamsin,
    We’ve chatted at the PZ market, and last Friday I bought one of your wonderful beeswax skeps. I shall take this to an Indian friend next week. I would really love to buy 4 more from you if possible, to give one each to my 2 nieces from Washington and 2 nephews from Munich and Vienna when they come here in June. I hope to c u at the market this Friday (won’t be there the following Fri) to chat about whether this is possible, as I know you have a busy season coming up.

    Best wishes,


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